Donation of Old Clothings

The gerls decided (or rather Kak Pah kiter) that this time round, instead of selling off our old stuffs @ flea markets, that we donate it to Darul Mawa. Here’s a list of stuffs that we might have to search thru’ our wardrobes while spring cleaning for this raya. =)

1) old baju kurungs/kebayas
2) tudung² mak kita/selendangs
3) bag raya
4) kasot raya
5) maybe nice looking non-revealing tops and bottoms
6) stationery and schoolbags/shoes etc

So probably we’ll be sending them over by next weekend. Salutes those who are making this possible (Yusmi, Liza, Nurul, Ina, Mel & Waty) and specially to Arfah for coming up with the idea.

So now, scoot off to the wardrobes people!! We’ve got work to do!

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