Excuse For A Party

Every year, for each of our birthdays, we’d pool a certain amount and then ask for a wishlist or previous years, we’d surprise each other with birthday gifts, a small dinner celebration and just plain ol’ catching up with each other. However, this year we decided to change that and do a mini celebration for everyone including the spouses and baby girl Aafeena!

Photos: Don & Arfah
Artisan Food: Chef Imran
Desserts: Yours Truly
Deco & Props: Ola Lola
Location: Mel & Scoobert

The only thing that birthday girl got to pick was the theme. This time round she wanted Garden themed! We had the whole room to ourselves. Scoobert works for SPEARS and that they are staying around that area, so no problem with booking the facilities there for free! We came and set up the place and desserts while waiting for Imran to plate up the food. Imran is an old friend from Poly and we took up his services during Arfah’s hen party a while back and the girls that came were raving about his food. The food prepared by Imran was delish (as usual) but portions could have been slightly more heheh all of us are big eaters! But also coz there were only a handful of us. 🙂 So all is well.

We caught up, played games, good food, good company. What more could we ask for. Till the next birthday celebration and theme. Here are some photos from the event.

For more images from the event, click here.

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