Met up with the girls on Friday after work, sat @ Kampong Glam Cafe! Food wasn’t that nice though! We had fun reminiscing Waty’s Yellow Pages book haaahhah… throwing her with names just to check if it the name was part of the book… :p *peace Waty* We sat till about midnight plus… sent Nurul home…

And I thought I was tired…. muahahah… A lil’ nudge on MSN from the Toy sent me getting ready for a night out… hahahaa :p I loike! =)

The Lola sale on Saturday was fun… trigger snaps… the wat-nots we did, that usually the 3 of us can talk about… :p Slept throughout the day… ignoring all calls that came in… Again a lil’ nudge on MSN sent me getting ready for chilli crab @ Newton … weee!! *boncet balik lah ni*

The Ladies


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