Jom! Style

Finally a breather after being tied down with work, health, bakes and other day-to-day stuffs. So to add on my on-going to-do list, I have come up with this new site along side with my family. Hopefully it’ll bring joy to people buying them as it has brought me joy to bring in all these dainty, quirky stuffs at affordable prices. So here’s a short intro in my end for Jom! Style!

Jom! Style

Jom! Style is our new launched site featuring unique and quirky items for your personal space and special events. To take home decor and party styling to another level, head to our website and Jom! Style your space with us!


As the husband would tell me, You tak tau penat eh! [Translated loosely: “You dunno how to feel tired is it!”] Hahhahah

Hopefully the response is good and me & my family will continue to bring in more stuffs!


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