Costs & Relevant Information for IVF in KKH

It’s been a while since my last update on IVF. Will explain further in a later post. So here’s my input for you ladies if you are wanting to try out IVF at KKH as inpired by Dyan. So here goes for mine after collating all my payments made. It’s gonna be quite a lengthy post but i hope it helps you have a better understanding and preparations of the costs needed.

I’m a registered as a private patient coz I wanted to stick to just one doctor and I chose Dr. Sadhana as recommended by a friend who also went through the same process as myself. I made an appointment with Dr. Sadhana and brought down all my medical records that I have had with Dr. George Mariamar (KKH) and Dr. Jazlan (Raffles). Told her about all the procedures that I had went thru’ (e.g. metformin, clomid, more metformin & clomid, ovarian drilling & the failed pre-IUI jabs). So she agreed for us to straightaway opt for IVF.

Please do bear in mind that the costs may vary from the different hospitals in Singapore and varies if you are a private or subsidized patient as well as if you are a Singaporean/ PR/ Foreigner.

FRESH 75%; up to $ 6,300 55%; up to $ 4,600 35%; up to $ 3,000
FROZEN 75%; up to $ 1,200 55%; up to $ 900 35%; up to $ 600

* Note: At least one member of the couple must be a SC. For more information on govt. subsidies, please refer to

Here is the breakdown on your Medisave withdrawal limits for the Assisted Conception Procedures (ACP) – both fresh/frozencycles.

First ACP Up to $ 6,000 Up to a maximum of $ 15,000 per patient over a lifetime
Second ACP Up to $ 5,000
Third ACP Up to $ 4,000
Subsequent ACP Up to $ 4,000

You’ll be asked to go for a briefing session to inform you about all the costing. Below is the initial costings upon confirmation that you’d like to go through the IVF procedure. You’ll be asked to bring your marriage certificate as proof of marriage and then you’ll be asked to go for some blood tests.

Registration $ 95.76 No
Counselling & Signed Consent $ 203.30 No
Screening & Blood Test $ 240.00 No
TOTAL $ 539.06 No


There are also additional fees that are chargeable and not covered under the government subsidy. I can’t quite recall what does each pint entails. It’d be good to just ask when you are there during the registration. All that I recall is that your extra embryos extracted can last up to 10 yrs but you’d have to pay the annual fee. Else once you sign the indemnity form, the hospital reserves the right to dispose of the embryos if the fees are not met.

Laser Assisted Hatching $ 611.51
Blastocyst Culture $ 305.81
Embryo $ 283.55 No
Annual Embryo Storage Fee $ 385.20 No

They will ask you to sign-up for an Assisted Reproduction Programme Insurance under Great Eastern, which helps to cover the newborn baby in the event of intensive neonatal care. Covers the child up to SGD$300 per day for 180 days, that is up to SGD$ 54,000 per child. The cost depends on the no. of embryos being placed into you. There is a cap of 2 embryos right now. But you are able to just place in 1 as well. So, for 1 embryo, the premium is $68.48 and for 2 embryos, the premium is $291.04.

Here is the breakdown of the overall procedures that you’d have to go through for IVF.

IVF Procedure at KKH
Click to view larger image

Here is the estimated cost breakdown for your reference. Again it may differ from person to person and hospital to hospital.

Ganirelix Injection $ 79.67 $ 59.75 $ 19.92
Progestrone $ 41.73 $ 31.30 $ 10.43
Azithromycin Tablet &
Chrorionic Gonadotrophin 5,000 unit injection
$ 48.35 $ 36.26 $ 12.09
Doxycycline 100mg Capsule
GONAL-F 900 Unit P/F Pen
Ganirelix Injection
Folic Acid Tablet
$ 1,643.03 $ 1,232.27 $ 410.76
ART Stimulation $ 781.10 $ 585.83 $ 192.27
OPU + IVF/ ICSI (Ovum Pick-Up)
– Includes sperm collection, egg retrieval
– O2 Theraphy
– IV Infusion Set
$ 4,565.25 $ 3,423.94 $ 1,141.31
Embryo Storage & Embryo Freezing
Ultrasound scans
Utrogestan 100mg Capsule
Embryo Transfer (Fresh)
$ 2,070.04 $ 930.65 $ 1,139.39
  TOTAL $ 9,229.17 $ 6,300.00 $ 2,926.17

These cost mentioned above are not inclusive of your consultation fee with your doctor and once you are confirmed pregnant, the scans, medications and other blood tests are no longer covered under Medisave aand the government funding. So probably, it’s safe to say that you need to have an access of about $ 2,000. But of course the $2K is not a one time payment! It’s spread out per visit with your gynae.

Hope the information helps in one way or another.


  1. Hi babe,
    I chanced upon your entry as I was intending to embark on the ivf journey as well. Thank you for spending the effort to share your info with the public. I’m very encouraged to consult Dr Sadhana after reading your other entries. May I know if I insist on consulting her for all my visits, will the normal consultation fees be more expensive than via the polyclinic referral route? Please excuse me if you’ve stated in your blog, I may have overlooked it. 🙂

    1. Hi there. thank you for taking your time to read my site. 🙂 Because she is a senior consultant, yes her fees costs slightly more. If I am not wrong it’s abt $100+ as compared to what normally would be abt $80+. I may be wrong but it’s good to check again. 🙂

  2. Hi ! May I ask , during your first consultation with your gynae, do you straight away tell your gynae that you wanted to opt for IVF? Because I just went for mine today (1st consultation), and I did not really tell her I wanted a IVF process.
    So she put me through a series of blood tests, and the tests charges are not cheap 🙁

    1. Hi… yes coz i had reports from my previous consultations with Raffles Hospital and i am immune to the tablets such as clomid and metformin. But i had to go thru the blood tests as well. I think its the norm coz other friend who wanted to go through IVF had to go through it as well. 🙂 prolly to check for thalassemia, hiv, etc. 🙂

      1. hi! thanks for your prompt reply.
        So I guess all these pre-IVF tests carried out will not be subjected to the govt subsidy as illustrated by your table above right?
        I did ask the counter lady, if I can pay off some using my Medisave, she just shook her head without telling me anything 🙁

        1. Hi. No prob. Yups all the pre-test and consultation fees are on your own. Only after going for the short counselling and undertaking the ivf forms then everything is under the govt. 🙂

  3. Hi. I’ve been following this post since July after my gynae told me that I couldn’t conceive normally after my laprascopy.

    I’ve been given the forms, for the series of blood tests for the husband and wife to complete. I’m thinking of going soon in Jan 2016 to start the whole process.

    I’m abit unsure of some of the prices you listed though. Eg: The section where you listed the price for Laser Assisted Hatching, Blastocyst Culture, Embryo, Annual Embryo Storage Fee. Are these prices paid in cash or is it included in ypur estimated cost breakdown?

    I appreciate this post alot. It has been on my bookmark eversince….

    1. Hi Rahayu. I’m glad the information helps. For that section, to my knowledge, the storage fee is paid in cash. I had about 7 embroys extra and stored. I recalled receiving a letter this year informing me that if I’d like to continue to store them, I’d have to pay the storage fees. However, I made use of them in my frozen cycle. In this frozen cycle, Dr. Sadhana recommended to do a blastocyst culture for my embryos and because the govt. has this fresh and frozen cycle subsidy, I did not have to pay cash. It was covered in the govt. subsidy.

      I hope the information helps. 🙂 It’ll be best to also check with the IVF counter staffs just to be sure.

      I wish you all the best in your process. 🙂

        1. Apologies for the delay. The cash would be the initial registration ($539.06), then all costs for pills and such will be already covered by the subsidies. Next will be the insurance, so, for 1 embryo, the premium is $68.48 and for 2 embryos, the premium is $291.04. This will be a cheque made out to Great Eastern. Other than that, once the embryos are inserted, your next check up with your IVF doctor will be payable in cash. Subsequently will be the gynae check-ups. Hope this helps.

  4. Assalamualaikum babe,

    I read in your entry that you were a private patient at KKH for your IVF treatment. How did you go about registering as a private patient? My gynae at TMC is referring me to KKIVF but I am just worried of the waiting hours and the appointment timings. I prefer to see the doctor only, preferably lady doctor, in the afternoon or evening. Do you think that might be possible? Thanks for answering my queries. 🙂

    1. Hi there, I guess it varies from different hospitals and I would assume that the cost that I have in total would be the cost that you’d have to pay full as there is no subsidies for forgeiners. But it’s best that you could call us the relevant hospitals to get the exact costings. 🙂

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