Fetal Scan

So the day finally came for the fetal scan and of course me and the husband were nervous. No movements, nothing yet to confirm the viability of the pregnancy.

Again waiting @ the Fetal Centre @ NUH itself was nerve wrecking. Not knowing what to expect at all. So come our turn and waiting for the staff to do the scan.

The moment they let us hear his/her heartbeat, both of us couldn’t help but to shed a tear or two. Alhamdulillah, all is good. For now, it’s still early @ our 5th week. We’ll just have to continue to pray that this pregnancy goes well. We have also decided to take Dr. Citra as our gynae after Prof PC Wong coz he don’t do any deliveries at anymore. Hopefully we can click with her and all will be good.

In the mean time, I have to continue my weekly painful shots of Hydroxyprogestrone Caproate (250ml). I dread each time taking it coz it’s oil based but it’s supposed to hold the pregnancy and make the baby stronger! InsyaAllah!

For now… hello lil’ one and till the next appointment with Dr. Citra!

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