Jump Ship

This is gonna be a lengthy post coz I am only blogging about this after so long!. Procrastination @ it’s best!


So after much deliberation and of course the cock-up from the other clinic earlier on, we decided to jump ship to NUH. Things kinda happen real fast. We weren’t really expecting to get any slots till a few months later like KKH.  So while I was on my 1st day of Aunt Flo, I called up NUH to set an appointment to see a specialist for IVF and the earliest that I could meet up with one was with Prof. PC Wong, to which I read up about him is that he is the head of fertility in NUH.

So I managed to get an appointment on 28 Jan, on my day 3 of Aunt Flo. So when we finally met with Prof. PC Wong, he asked for my medical history, past procedures and experiences and of course, I came prepared with what I went through, how much and what kind of dosages from the last IVF cycle, etc. So after the discussion, he agreed that I am eligible for the IVF procedure and since I was on my 3rd day, it was just nice to take some blood tests, do a PAP smear and if all goes well, we shall start the IVF soon. So that day, they took 4 freaking tubes of blood from me! When the needle went in and didn’t come out as expected, I was like WTH! The husband was telling me they are taking 8 tubes of blood just to scare me! -_____-

4 Feb 2016
Came back to get my results from my blood test. Thankfully all my results were good. They detected that I had rubella and HEP B immunisation done before. I brought the previous sperm test result from Dr. Aziz which was done like abt 2 mths back but Prof. insisted he did a new one. So we had to wait for his results after CNY.

10 Feb 2016
Came back and husband’s results were ok. So it’s just me lah kan with PCOS… hhmmpphhh… Prof. was asking when I would like to start the IVF session and I told him that we did not have any pref and that I knew that the Clinic for Human Reproduction (CHR) at NUH will be closed for renovation in April. All the more we wanna do it faster. I expected that Prof. would tell me to come back another date coz in KKH, you would have to go for IVF counselling with a group of other couples. But he told me to head up to CHR after this and start the IVF asap! Wah, that was fast.

So at CHR, I waited for my turn, a nurse called me in, explained to me about IVF, the procedures and gave and showed me the necessary injection. I asked the nurse to give me a tentative date for the whole process as to when I should start and all. Lo and behold, I was supposed to have my 1st jab while the husband is away on his London trip and I was supposed to inject myself for a week on my own. To which I KNOW I can never do it myself! So we requested for the nurse to push the date back and I shall start my 1st injection on 4 March 2016. The husband lands in Singapore on 5 March 2016, so which means I have to do 1 injection on my own! *cringe*


Yeay! I can’t believe that I’m starting my journey soon. Somehow I am quite nervous about it coz it’s been 2 years since the twins. Wish me luck.

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