the eggs aren’t stubborn anymore (for now)

After the laparoscopic surgery done in end July, the main aim was for me to ovulate like normal people… *yes i’m abnormal*  -________-

So during my last check up with Dr. J, he asked if I wanted to be induced again. I told him, it’s ok, let’s try this naturally first. I needed to make myself feel better after paying so much for the surgery. I bought an ovulation test kit for the heck of it, knowing in my heart that I will be disappointed with the results. From past experiences, my normal cycle will have to be induced and maybe… just maybe I MAY ovulate…

The kit had 5 sticks in the box and true enough, one by one, after much peeing on each stick, the results were always negative…I kept telling myself that i shall succumb to fate and get Dr. J to induce me and go through the cycle all over again. I was almost close to giving up after the 4th stick. The eggs will just not come out and play!!

Yesterday night while clearing out the toilet cabinet, I found the last stick and thought to myself, “Oh wth!” Pee-ed on it and just place it on the sink area and continued with my shower. Forgot all about it till just about after midnight.

Imagine my excitement! Wee… my eggs are not that stubborn a weee bit! There’s hope for me to be normal… :p So now just have to wait for Dr. J’s next appointment. 🙂

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