To Check on Cervix Shortening

Since the last fetal scan @ the 5th week mark, we’ve been meeting with Dr. Citra and I must say that I am comfortable with her and her explanations. We just passed our 9th week mark and alhamdullilah baby is growing well.

One of the things we raised to her was that after the last miscarriage with the twins in 2014, Dr. Suzanna from KKH mentioned that it could be due to the fact that I had a weak cervix. The weight of the babies then could have forced my cervix to shorten as the weight of the then twins increases. So this time round, we asked Dr. Citra to help us measure my cervix, well, just in case.

Dr. Citra explained to us that in medical terms, it’s called incompetent cervix (like I don’t have enough issues with fertility already)… If this was true for the last pregnancy, it will repeat again for my future pregnancies. -__- If nothing was done about it, it will lead to either a premature labour which in turn could lead to pregnancy loss.

Technically if indeed my cervix was shortening, she would suggest me to go for an elective medical procedure called a cervical cerclage with the 13th – 14th week of the pregnancy. You can read up more about it here.

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Of course, with any given surgeries, there would be risks involved. She explained to us that the following could happen… (Source of info from here)

  • risks associated with regional or general anesthesia
  • premature labor
  • premature rupture of membranes
  • infection of the cervix
  • infection of the amniotic sac (chorioamnionitis)
  • cervical rupture (may occur if the stitch is not removed before onset of labor)
  • injury to the cervix or bladder
  • bleeding
  • Cervical Dystocia with failure to dilate requiring Cesarean Section
  • displacement of the cervix

Like we don’t have anything else to worry about like that! *sigh* So she arranged for a scan to be done to start checking on the length of my cervix weekly.

The other way she mentioned was the wait and see approach. So play by ear and wait weekly for the results and if there is a need then we’ll do it.

So many things to think about! The worry about losing another baby is right at the top of my head and just after the appointment, of course I bawled my eyes out thinking of the possibilities of losing this pregnancy.

Cobaan kita I guess.

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