To Maid or Not to Maid?

I have never been a fan of having maids in the household. Nothing personal against them but after seeing a couple of friends and relative having troubles with their maids, the worry will always be there. If they are angry at you, disturbed about things back in their home country, etc, what would happen to the people or child that they are taking care of and even to you? The drama series on TV is not helping much coz all the more that I am convinced and keep telling myself that I can manage on my own. Not all are bad though. I have has friends and family members that have had exceptionally good relationships with their maid and have been with the family for numerous number of years. The husband and I concluded that it all points down to sheer luck.

Since my dad is no longer working, my parents have offered to help out with when the babies arrive. Initially, we are more than glad to have them around but now with two, I don’t think I can bear to have my dad take care of both and help around with the house. Just doesn’t feel right… Being the stubborn Scorpio that I am, I was telling the husband that I’m sure that I am able to manage coz if our parents could do it before, why not me. He tried to reason out with me that I’d still have Lola, with work shifting over to the east side by the time I finish my maternity leave, etc. So I gave in. But I told him I was not willing to pay the agent fee and touch wood, if anything were to happen and we’d require to change maids, we still have to fork out a sum.

My aunt/ grandma was suggesting for me to use back my aunt’s past maids since all of which have had good relations with the family plus it’s someone we know and no reason to doubt them for now, etc. I was already sourcing for direct employment, meaning minus the agent fees and dealing with my own paperwork which is big difference from what the agents are charging. But probably just not my luck yet, coz they have yet to confirm and the recent maid said she still misses her husband so may not want to start anytime soon.

I’m banking on my my brother’s friend who has a kampung in batam and that’s where he got his current maid from and hopefully there are some who might be interested to take up the job. I know having one will help out significantly but my concerns and worries are still lingering around.

Click here to download the step-by-step procedures that I got off from the SG Mummy’s forum. I have yet to try it coz I’m still waiting on my end. Hopefully the procedures and paper works are as straight-forward and it seems. Below are the breakdown of the estimated costings.

IPA – Letter $ 20.00
Medical Insurance & Security Bond (NTUC) $ 321.00
Flight Tix for Maid to Singapore
(Price varies from which countries they are from)
Medical Examination (SATA) $ 62.05
Work Permit Issue $ 20.00
TOTAL $ 473.05

Hopefully all goes well for my end.


  1. Doing direct hire can be cost saving but quite risky if you don’t know the maid. So best to take someone you know / have worked for someone you know. I used to work in a maid agency for 4 years and application for a maid is easy cos it’s all done online now. But be sure to take Runaway Insurance for the maid ok! In case the run away or get pregnant while they are working for you, your $5000 security bond not at risk.

    1. Yeay! Hahha… ok good point to take note of for the Runaway insurance. Thank u! I do hv ppl tat i know but semua tgh KIV so hopefully they say yes. Else I think I’ll try on my own with my parents first since I am still skeptical of having one… bismillah many many! :p

      1. If you guys do decide on getting a maid, best to get them in paling lambat 2 months before you give birth… Jadi they are already familiar with the routine at home. Kalau tak, nanti u get very stressed during your confinement. Mana nak train the maid ( trust me they can do weird things hahaha) then mana nak adjust your own routine with the babies. and also so that the maid tak overwhelm with two babies at once. Cos if they baru je datang, and then they have to handle two babies right from the start, they will just throw in the towel and quit.

        1. Tu lah… dat is what we tot as well. So at most, if manage to get, thinking of getting her in by Oct to familiarize with home n all but any later, then bukan rezeki kita lah for now…. thanks for the advises. 🙂

          Much appreciated! 🙂

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