What The Fug!

We decided to switch back to IVF after Dr. Aziz decided to put me back on clomid and metformin even after telling him that I am kinda immune to those 2 pills. It started end Dec when I met him last for medications to induce my menses and when it finally came, I called to make the appointment to see him. He mentioned during the last visit that he would give me an injection similar to IVF but of smaller dosage so that my eggs would grow and try to conceive naturally. Upon calling him, the nurse at the clinic mentioned that he was away on holiday in Dubai and that he won’t be back after the new year. Seriously, the first thing that came to mind was What The Fug!! (pardon the swearing) I think I sounded really pissed and told the nurse that if he knew that he’d be going overseas, why would he instruct me to take the medications!! That the medications has it’s side effects and it’s not a bed of roses taking ’em! Now that the menses came, all the nurse could say to me was that I should forgo this cycle and do another round when he comes back. Again… WTF! I told her, what can I do, just not my rezeki. But I told her that I was angry at the timing for the instructions given and put down the phone.

After listening to my somewhat pissed off voice, she called me again slightly later and told me that she could slot me in to come by on 4 Jan (Day 10) and that IF my follicles are good, there is still time to start on the injections.

So came 4 Jan, I met with Dr. Aziz and he scanned me, looked at my follicles and all he could say was to ask me to start back on Duphaston on a later date and try again for the next cycle. Then telling me to start on Clomid and Metformin. I told him what he mentioned in the last cycle and what happenned and reminded him about my resistance for the 2 pills and all he could say… it’s ok, lets just try this set of pills and asked me to come back again during the next cycle. (wtf!)

All this while, I was literally fuming but kept my cool…


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