Trust in HIM

Gah, I am always procrastinating to keep this site alive. Here another attempt for this year. 2nd post for 2018! To those who know me, I have recently launched my brick and mortar for Ola Lola and recently moved to a new home. I have been comfortable with working full time and happy with what I have so far. Alhamdullilah. But to those who knows me well, they would also know that I am looking into quitting my full-time job and doing Ola Lola full-time. I feel that there is much more I can do but I can’t because I am working full-time.

The plan for Ola Lola was to concentrate on bakings for weddings and events there. But I have never planned to sell my bakes but because there was that space, we decided to. Why not right, since we are paying rent monthly and the license from NEA was for a takeaway food license. Initially we started off with selling bakes from Tuesday till Sunday. So I would have to prepare bakes on Monday and ensure that I have ample bakes for selling throughout the week as well as prep for weddings over the weekend and if there are any wedding favours or ad-hoc orders to be done as well. I saw myself going back late almost every other day and I get to see Wafiy only after he sleeps. 🙁

Something’s gotta give for now, plus for the orders Alhamdulillah are coming in steadily. My partner, Arfah, and I decided to just open up the shop from Fridays to Sundays. So far it has been working great! I only need to come in after work from Thursday onwards and burn the midnight oil (literally…sic). We have been surviving so far. Rent’s paid, workers’ salary paid… with that I am grateful. Though there is so much more we can do, there’s so little time for things to be done.

So I guess, for now, we’ll leave as it is and insyaAllah if things get errr.. non-manageable, I’ll probably re-visit the idea of doing this full-time. Just have to plan my time accordingly for now for work, Lola and family! Tawakkal and trust in HIM! I’m sure HE won’t put me in a place if I am not able to cope. 🙂

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