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Yesterday was bittersweet for me and the husband. It was the supposed EDD for the twins and at the same time, Dr. Suzanna has set the appointment for us to meet up with her and discuss where we should go from here. Today, we also received the reply from KKH prior to our dissatisfaction about the last reply letter from them. Both the husband and I are somewhat still not ok with the way they have explained things and I still feel that they could have worded their reply better and write it with a lil’ more empathy. Even if I were to continue probing, I don’t think it’ll do us any good. My word against theirs. -____-

Dr Suzanna was all smiles. She gave me a hug just as I entered and giving me a few options since my cycle was somewhat regular… Too irregular for me coz from not coming at all to now errrrr…. bi weekly! She knew that the next appointment that we have was with Dr. Sadhana and told us to try and then come back again. She did point out that no matter what, I’d still have to go back to the same ward. When both of us heard this, the husband looked at me and he knew that I did not want to go back there again. It was really an unfortunate incident that I had to experience those things but I’m hope that it was a one off thing and hopefully it won’t happen to anyone else. But with a heavy heart, I may look elsewhere if I do get pregnant again. It was really traumatizing plus I think if I were to see the 2 nurses again, I’d blast at them. -____-

We met Dr. Sadhana shortly after. She asked me about my cycle and mentioned that it was too often and that I wasn’t ovulating properly for conception. She decided to ask me to try naturally 1st before we consider the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). Even if we decide to go through FET, she advised us against putting in 2 embroys coz of my weak cervix.

So we’ll see then what happens. I’m excited but at the same time worried if it’s going to be a repeat scenario. 🙁


  1. so ur decision is to try naturally? u mean ur menses now is every 2 week???
    actually regarding the kkh system wise i guess gg else where is all the same. you noe I got high fever after the embryo transfer for 2 days with body aching. I went to O&G clinic but they reject me as they say bcos they cant do anything to me since i m a IVF patient. of cos my hubby got furious and call back ivf dept the next morning. their reply was worst. they say nothing to do with them. none of the ivf patient encounter fever like me before and ask me go back O & G or GP in a rude way.

    hubby got more furious after the way ivf dept tok to him. he demand to call dr tan hh assistant and ivf ask us to call the central appt main line instead. After much hassle the senior assistant of dr tan call back. same outcome but in a very different approach [soft] to reply us.

    she sated: ” all ivf patient are very impt to us as you all go tru so much inorder to get pregnant. and this period of time is very crucial. O & G not rejecting us but this moment of time they only can prescribe u with panadol only n no other med. if let say u have hot 39 degree. O & G will admit u, at the same time only O & G able to contact your ivf doctor for further instruction rather than GP. Also it might be coincident that you have fallen sick on the same day as my case wasn’t a surgery fever as it does not accompany with body aching”

    here, why both conclusion is same outcome “nothing to do with us” yet I feel better after conversation with the senior assistant. seriously I personally feel O&G staff include doc and ivf reception are so RUDE. but sit back and think about it. they are not trained in communication field. they noe their job very clear, despite of they are bz that might be the reason they being so direct.

    same to ur case, it might be too late to do anything to save. dat y only can let u rest and monitor or u could say they are inexperience which is unlikely. why are we ended up so mad at them is just becos we feel they to no EMPATHY toward their patients. although i m still mad but think about it no nurse or doctor will give up saving a life. also kkh is the biggest women hospital in singapore. they got more facility than any other hospital, so if they can’t save us, no1 can.

    1. Hi Glorian, hope your procedure is going well now. I’m still contemplating to do naturally or via FET but we’ll see. 🙂 Yah that was a mth ago… now it has gone quite again. 😛

      I agree to disagree on how they should be treating ppl. I agree that they have done far more in saving lives and that in the medical industry, a lil bit of emphaty goes a long way. If you are in my position at that point of time, I doubt you would say what you are saying now. heheheh but to each their own and different people has different way of handling things as well as different women’s body handles the circumstances differently. 🙂

      1. I understand if it was me it hard to accept it too. But we really have no choice but to brave tru n move on. If not we will b left at that time n same spot which hurt for life.

        Hoping ur better n i really really look forward ur preg 🙂

        Monthes ago my sis friend labour a healthy baby in thosom and 3 days after bring home the bb turn purple. So they immediately bring back thosom but their facility wasnt enf thus they transfer it to kk. However due to the time constraints the bb pass away during the transportation to kk.

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