Day 9: Love Hate & The Worst in Me!

Someone I Love – I’m changing it to People I Love. Am constantly in a love hate relationship with my family – husband, mother, father as well as my brother. I have a good relationship with my father-in-law who would usually back me up when the husband bullies me. I am going to have an additional family member soon. My brother is getting married and love the quirkiness in his fiance. The squabbles are inevitable most of the time with most of them but at the end of the day or sometimes after a week, we get along just fine.

Worst Habits

  • Procrastinating – I do that a lot, a lot! Sometimes I am just plain lazy but yeah, it gets to a point that I tend to do things at the last-minute and rush! This is one bad habit that the husband really hates. :p
  • Sleeping till the sun is over my head (if my mum knows this, she’ll flip!)– I do this when I am at home and the husband is at work. I just don’t want to wake up and sleep all day or when I do not have any wedding events over the weekend, I just need that errr….. EXTRA time to just sleep! I guess the older you get, the body system is just slowing down.
  • Closing the closet door – I have a habit of not closing them after opening to get things out.

Reference: The “Self-Keep The Site Alive” Challenge


  1. BAHAHA sleep till the sun naik atas kepala, you don’t say ar! one of my bad habit on weekends is to sleep in longer whahahwah nanti darya dah bangun terpekik pekik i like ALA PLS SLEEP LA NGANTOK TAU WHAHAW. Still working on it. padahal eh dulu i was an early riser tau. i duno what happen. my body bastard me ar. buruk ok . but i need my tiny bit of sanity that is sleep wahawh

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