Finally sent the husband off yesterday night for his flight. Husband-less for the next few weeks. *wooohhoooo* hahhaha Ok kidding!

He has been planning this trip with his childhood friend, Zuheri, since mid Jan. *sobs* If it’s not coz of the last min planning and other commitments in hand, I would have joined. But then again, their main reason going there was for soccer matches at Old Trafford, them being the Manchester United fans. 3 matches to be exact. They are heading to Paris as well for some shopping and sight-seeing! *hhhmmpphh* If I were to follow, I’ll end up spending over budget while they are away watching soccer!

Well, take it this way… 2 weeks of ME time hehhehe! That sounds just about OSSUM to me! But then again, being the penakut person that I am, the bedroom lights will be switched on throughout the night and of course, the SP bill’s sure to exceed the monthly average. -___-



    1. hahhaha.. ikr! when he was working night shifts dulu, I would do that too with the cats. then someone reminded me about criter Ju-on and the cats looking at errr… stuffs. So now I’ll leave the cats out and just be in the bedroom! :p

    1. hahhaha at least u have the kids lol… antu nak masuk pun tink 2,3,4 times eh! lol. My kucings will only keep me awake. Two of my cats mintak manja by scratching lightly (the black one, Alfie) and the other sondol-ling what ever he can sondol (the white and brown one, Alfa) So confirm can sleep at all. :p

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