Makcik-Makcik Urut (Massage)

The requests for my makcik urut (massage aunty), Cik Esah have been overwhelming. Apologies if I have not reverted promptly. Now I have an additional makcik to recommend. Late last year, I had the chance to experience a post-natal massage with Cik Rumlah and I must admit that she is the gentler side of Cik Esah. But lo and behold, Cik Esah & Cik Rumlah are somewhat related! So I’m placing their contacts here and probably you could just mention that you got their numbers from Hartini staying in Choa Chu Kang.

Cik Lin (Tel: 6425 2294) (Updated on 29 June 2015)
When I my sciatic nerve came back recently, I was desperate for someone to massage me. The 2 makciks listed above were not available and someone I had Cik Lin in my contact list. I gave her a call and was lucky that she was available. She stays at Jurong West and you can pop over to her place via appointment only. She stops taking massages by 3pm. She does sengkak as well if needed and also for those who has given birth.

Cik Esah (Tel: 6789 1042)

I first wrote about her here. So Cik Esah stays at Tampines Street 23 and her charges are $50. It’s up to you if you’d like to give more. As to how long she will take will be dependent on how your body is. She will ease out the knots in you. Even though she is of age (she don’t look like one), get ready for some pain. She did mention that she doesn’t apply any pressure but the pain will be because of the condition of your veins etc. But after a few round at the pain area, you’ll not feel the pain anymore. She does sengkak as well. However she does not do massages for me. only ladies. She also does post-natal & baby massage and will go over to your place for it. If you can’t get her during the day, try again at night.

Cik Ramlah & Pakcik Jawalil (Tel: 9815 0498 / 9757 9175) (Updated on 21 Jan 2016)
Blk 508 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 (Opposite Nanyang Polytechnic)

I was recommended to her by a close friend. Just coz also I wanted to try someone new. I took her for my confinement. Yes, even after miscarriage, I had to go through the normal confinement coz I had given birth naturally. Cik Rumlah is a petite old makcik who is soft-spoken. Reminded me of my late grandmum. So only for post-pregnancies, miscarriages; she goes to your home but as for normal urut, I think it’d be at her home in Ang Mo Kio. I can’t recall her address also. She is the softer side of Cik Esah. She did the bengkung, param, sengkak and all the necessities for me. I took her for a week straight and she charges $60 for abt 1 hr or so. But I’ll normally give her extra coz sometimes she gives me extra stuffs like bengkung or pills, Habbatus Sauda, that she makes herself. Her husband does urut for men but only at their house. She’s pretty booked up so give her a call and make the necessary arrangements. I do feel better and lost a fair bit of weight after that.


Hopefully the information here helps.


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