Finally after settling down at the new campus, the company is finally doing a dinner and dance event. They only had it during my 1st year @ Grand Copthorne beside Zouk, nothing the year afer and then last year was a “Dinner & Dance Lunch” last year! Pffftttt. While feeds on my Facebook normall showns friends dressing up for their company’s dinner & dance event, I had nothing to look forward to. #firstworldproblems.

However this year, I had just received this email below from HR. Details are yet to be sent out but judging from the email we received today, I’m thinking Greek Mythology. The partner was saying out loud, what if someone misread and came in as Olympus the camera brand! hhahahahhaha Almost burst out wat I was drinking when she typed that! Started googling for some inspirations on what to wear and I do have a rough idea in mind but looking at my current weight gain coz of the doctor’s pills and increased food intake recently, I doubt any dress or even anything would look good on me. Feeling so blearrrggghhhh!! So I have till 4th Dec to lose the weight and find something nice to wear! *macam paham* We’ll at least it’s a motivation to lose some weight!



  1. hi hi…. currently 37 weeks actual edd is on 31st oct. tot it may fall on our bday. BUT yday doc say my bb is too big. as his weight already 3.5kg best part is the head wasn’t engage. so they arrange me to labour on 23th oct which is next fri. mon will see doc again to decide is induce or c section as they feel that my bb doesnt want to come out. #1 head not engage #2 too playful

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