To Go Or Not To Go

If I were given a choice to leave the country for a few years, would it make any difference? *ponder ponder*

Thinking back, I regretted giving that number and even going to the extend of finding it…


  1. nurul> hahah KKPL ada 7 kaki… so hilang satu masih ader 6 mah still movable hahahh *lame*

    hehehhe… aku baca korang nyer replies jer nak buat aku nangis!! *sob* *sob*

    well i have till tis 22nd to make my decision…. 🙁

  2. though we dun know each other that long but the tini I know is a beautiful, sweet, helpful and seemingly positive person. but this post sounds like u are stressed or worse – depressed? 🙁

    if u leaving the country for this reason, it might not help as much as you think as you won't have the support network you have at home. I've got a good friend who left the country to relieve her sadness but is now suffering even more due to loneliness and homesickness. :S

    You might wanna try other stuffs first like:
    Changing your job
    Taking up new hobbies
    Making new friends
    Going for a really long, relaxing holiday

  3. hi marlina…

    thanks for the comment… 🙂 i dunno… am still thinking over it… i hv till the 22nd of tis mth 🙂

    now i m picking up a lot on some new hobbies… only time will tell 🙂

    thank you though 🙂

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