So finally I’m at the 2WW (two week wait) stage again. 2 more days before the blood test. Nervous as hell and my butt is pppaaaiiinful! All coz of this injection which I have to take every Tuesday and Thursday for the past 2 weeks.

That’s not only it. I have these other pills to be inserted down there… hu hu hu…

Utrogestan Pills (Vaginally Inserted) – I only had to insert these at KKH. But in NUH, there’s these 2 below as well at different timings during the day. Squishy balls that will dissolve internally.

Crinone Gel (Another form of Progestrone – just need to insert the tube part and squish in the gel and stay put a while)

Estrofem (the hardest to stay insert coz it’s hard like a normal pill)

So yeah, these are what I have to keep on doing till the 6th! One thing that I am not liking is that the injections hurt a lot. Well not the injection part but the after effect. Like a prolonged insect bite for the day. Will cause blue blacks as you have to alternate bums each injection. The Crinone Gels are expensive… 17 sticks given are about SGD$200-ish! Hu hu hu… the things we have to go thru… :p

So now, I’m taking heaty foods like red bean soup and durians so that my lining and wombs are warm enough. It may or may not work but these are some of the advises that I got while going through some forums. So no harm trying kan!

Wish me luck!

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