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I have been blessed to be travel to quite a fair bit of places. It somehow changes my perspective in life. Here’s a map on some of the places that I have been to.

These are travel resources that I have used before on the trips that I have been to over the years. I hope it helps in one way or another.

Tripzilla – Great deals online for flights and hotels. – I find it has more variety and the cost is much cheaper for Europe and/or States hotels. – If you are going for any tours or needs to purchase any tickets to any attractions all over the world, this site is very reliable and hassle free. You can even book your hop-on hop-off buses here. Look out for promos online.
ESTA – For Singaporeans, we fall under the Visa Waiver Travel. So for trips to the US, you will have to go to this site, under the US Customs & Border Protection, fill up accordingly and complete it before your trip. This will be valid for 2 years.
Visa Quick Check for Singaporeans – Quick check if you’d need to apply for a visa.


Pak Made
+62 816 4709469 

I have been using him since 2003 and have been recommending him to most of my friends. He is a warm & friendly chap who speaks various languages (English, Bahasa, Japanese, etc). Just tell him you are recommended by Hartini from Singapore and he’ll know who I am. You’ll just need to tell him when you are coming and what you want to do in Bali or even find good & affordable accommodations. He’s the go-to-guy there. Able to cater to large groups as well.


+62 818 0834 6253

A funny & nice chap who owns a van to bring you wherever and whenever. His going rate for being in Bandung is slightly more as compared to Jakarta. Again, just tell him you are recommended by Hartini from Singapore and he’ll know who I am.


Transportation within Europe

EasyJet –
Comfortable and affordable. My advise to to look out for promos and the fares can be freaking cheap. If you have the extra cash, I would suggest for you to opt for the priority seating. It’s a first-come-first-serve basis and sometimes the gates change and you’d have to run from one gate to another at the very last minute.

Aegean Air (a member of Star Alliance – don’t forget to claim your miles) –
Again, it’s affordable for their domestic flights within Europe. Comfy and ample leg room.

Trenitalia –
Getting around within Europe by train. Why I would recommend the trains is because they have more timings as compared to taking flights. If you are travelling to a few countries, they do have a package pass. Website is reliable so don’t worry. The only thing that you need to take note is the station that you need to alight at. You’ll have to do a bit of a research for this. You can either do this online or when you are at the terminal itself, using self-automated machines.

Rail Europe (SG) –
We used rail Europe when we wanted to go to Liverpool from London. You will need to make the bookings as they have seats allocated for different timings. To book on this site, you will need at least 3 months in advance to see an opening slot for your tickets. It may be a lil’ bit costly, depending on where you are going. For the purchase online, the collection in Singapore will be at Dynasty Travel at New Bridge Road.


Airbnb – 
This app is international. Prices are usually much cheaper as compared to staying @ hotels. You have an option to either stay with the home owners and rent just a room or you could rent the whole house. Word of advise: Know where you are staying at, if it’s close to the places of interests that you are wanting to go to and make sure the reviews on the person renting out are good.

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