IVF Extraction & Insertion

IVF – Extraction (21 March 2016)
The night before at I had to fast…no food & drinks and also take to inject myself with the Suprefact 50IU. That day, we came earlier. The husband had his breakfast while I looked on… ppfffttt. The surgery was scheduled for 11am. I was telling him that even though I have gone through this before, I felt nervous coz this time round, it took longer than expected for my eggs to even grow to the desired size. We reported to Ward 2A at the NUH Kent Ridge new wing and registered ourselves. We were asked if we’d like to take a single room or shared room but since it’s just a day procedure, we opted for the shared room. The nurses then showed us to the waiting area where I had to change to the hospital clothes. Again, the waiting game.

Soon it was my turn, the push to the operating theatre was like the longest push of my life (drama… I know). So while the nurses prepped me for the extraction, I can’t help it but to cry coz they had to prep me to put me under full aesthetic. With all the pokings to place the drips & meds so hence the crying! Huhuhuhu. By the time I woke up, I was already at the ward with the husband at my side. Woke up feeling slightly sore but all’s good. Prof. PC Wong came and spoke to us stating that he had collected abt 13 eggs from me and will update us accordingly as to when it’d be suitable to place the embryos in. Either a 3-day or 5-day transfer. This will entirely depend on how your embryos are able to survive. But then again, even with 3 or 5 days transfer, it does not determine your success rate. Some that I knew did a 5th day transfer but still had a negative outcome. I did a 3-day in KKH but here, my embryos reached the blastocyst stage so I did a 5th day transfer.

IVF – Insertion (26 March 2016)
I am thankful that some of the embryos survived long outside. Out of the 13, 8 stayed on and were developing well. And out of these 8, 2 were kept for storage and 2 were used for the embryo transfer. For this transfer at NUH, the husband was not able to follow me inside for the insertion as compared to KKH. So again, I was made to wait at he holding area and I had to keep my bladder full so that the gynae could have a better view of where to insert the embryos at. The wait was longer than expected and I nearly felt like peeing! If I did, I would have to wait again and while getting my bladder full again. :p

At the holding area, I made small talk with some of the other ladies who were waiting their turn as well. I thought I had it bad, waiting 7 yrs without getting pregnant but there were others who are still trying even after 10 years. I wonder how their bill is like to go through the whole process with lesser subsidies. After a while, it was my turn. There were a few nurses around who prepped me to sit on the OT table and placed my legs apart. He then had to “open up” my vajayjay and inserted a thin tube up to my uterus and then 2 embryos were placed in me. These 2 embryos were after the blastocyst stage. Prof also mentioned that there are 2 that were to be frozen for a later usage. Here’s the image of the 2 embryos. *yeay – bismillah*

Again different from KKH, I was placed on a trolley bed and pushed back to the ward. I was asked to rest for about an hour or so before we were allowed to leaved. All this while I felt like really needing to pee but was somewhat afraid to do it…. I know I know… even if you pee it won’t flush out the embryo but then again… it’s just natural you’ll have that mentality. Trust me…. even if it’s your 2nd time, you’d still think that way! :p

So now will be the waiting game!! Gahhhh nervous!

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