Yeay, Positive.. However

So finally this post is being placed as public now.


Nervous as hell after we came down to get my blood drawn and we kept telling ourselves that no matter what happens, we shall accept whatever the outcome. But I’ll be lying that I won’t cry if it was to be negative. So when we finally received the call from the clinic, both of us cried.

Alhamdullilah it’s a positive outcome. However, the HCG level reading was on the low side. The HCG level was at 237 as compared to the one I had from KKH 2 years back. Then, Prof. PC Wong was away after I had my result. We had to come back to meet with another doctor to discuss what’s next. We met with a Dr. Chew and straight off the bat, I did not like him. Even though he was straight forward, he didn’t know how to make one feel at ease unlike Prof. PC Wong. Just the vibes that he gives off…. not liking it one bit!

He mentioned that my reading was on the low side and we’ll have to continue with more butt injections and pill insertions to help hold the pregnancy. He mentioned that we’ll need to wait till the fetal scan to check if it’s a viable pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy! I cried  after the whole check-up with him coz in the morning, I was ecstatic & doing cartwheels (ok, that’s over the top but you know what I mean) but after seeing Dr. Chew, everything’s a blur!

The fetal scan won’t happen till the 18th! Wth! I have to endure 1 week of the possibility that the pregnancy might not even be viable. *at this point I’m inconsolable* Yes, the husband kept remind me that we have to tawakkal and redha but I just can’t. After what happened 2 years ago… It’s quite a bit to handle. 🙁

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