An Avenue to Let Out

Though this site has somewhat been covered with cobwebs, this has always been at the back of my mind. Sometimes, I just need an avenue to let out or just a medium to pen my thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams. Most of the bloggers that I know have switched to Instagram/Facebook for they daily posts for ease of maintenance. But I am somewhat still inclined to revive by typing whats on my mind. It will be a long process to have everything here but at least I am trying.

For now, I’m already putting up the IVF process for my 4th born. I have almost completed for my 3rd born. I shall have a page up with the relevant post links accordingly.

I’m also thinking of just switching to a new domain altogether. Let me just procrastinate on that a little. Not that I have much readership hahhaha but yeah still a work in progress.

Till the next update.

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