It’s Been Ages.. Hello!

I guess it’s been ages since I wrote here. Are people even reading blogs anymore these days? Well for those who still are… HELLO!

For me, I guess I still want to choose to write in blogs, well, maybe cause, I can refer back to it as years goes by. Hoping that I won’t cringe or more so, my kids don’t cringe at what I write about life and about them later on. Hhahah.

I have this one cousin, Adeena. She is doing her uni now and she begs me to delete a post I had of her while she was little in her belly dancing costume… *soooo cute* She says that she is the only one in her uni that has a digital trail on the Internet and it’s all because of me! :p Sorry not sorry Adeena! Hahha

We’ll it’s a start to revive this site again! Hopefully I’ll quit procrastinating again.

PS: To those who followed me way back then, I’m a mum of 2 now! Will get to the 2nd pregnancy soon!

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