Only God Knows How I Feel…

Just after the morning’s sahur, we got ready to head to Raffles Hospital. I was to check in myself at abt 7am. I had been fasting since midnight. They then placed me in a ward to wait and get checked before the surgery. I was on the verge of tears after changing into the blue attire.

t was time. The nurse asked me to lay down on the hospital bed and rolled me to the operating theater. The hubs followed by and of course he just laughed at me coz I was being silly and crying and all. Only god knows what was going on in my mind. They made me wait for quite a while and I was trying to hold back my tears.

A doctor came by and was telling me what she had to do. When she told me that she had to insert a needle for the drip (i teared) and that I will experience sore throat because she has to insert a tube through my nose (i almost bawled)… they then pushed me to the ops room and Dr. J being the bubbly person he is calmed me down (not that it worked). They were prepping me for the surgery, poking the needle in for the drip, breathing the GA and then I concussed. Next thing I knew, I was out, feeling giddy and sharp pain at the lower abdomen. It was 10.50am.

The nurses pushed me back to the initial ward. I thank god that it was over and that the surgery went well. I concussed for another 2 hrs before discharging myself out to get back home. Changing back to my clothes was a challenge. Hell… I was afraid to sit and pee… It was too painful.

(Not for the faint hearted) So here was what the Dr. J did… Hopefully it renews my cells and that I will start ovulating again. My PCOS will always be there. I don’t think there’s any cure for it.

Till then… I shall take my time and recouperate…


  1. Hi sis! Was blog hopping and saw yours. & this post caught my attention.. No doubt, I teared reading it. Though I’ve yet to go through the stage, but as a women myself, I know how it feels like. I hope Allah will guide you through this ordeal and May He reward you for all your patience, perseverance and endurance going through His test! Hang on there sis, Janji Allah itu pasti! Hugs!

    1. Hi there, thank you for stopping by and taking time to read my humble site. 🙂 And thank you for your words of encouragement. Insya-allah amin. 🙂

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