Back to Basics (Tajweed)

When I was younger, I remembered learning the muqadaam amd quran. I did not recall going for madrasah classes though. Not too sure why. Everything that I learnt was from my guru ngaji and nothing detailed. But of course there are days when I’d skip classes and hang out with the boys around the block area. Not a fan of girly stuffs then, so it’s main kejar-kejar satu block, rumah dayak, fighting spiders in matchboxes and other games the kids play when we were younger then; when there weren’t any iPads/iPhones/electronic gadgets. Life was fun… Ok back to the topic. So, I guess with all of the ngaji classes missed, I may have missed out quite a fair bit hehhe.

About 2 years ago, I started sourcing for classes and signed up for Quran Literacy course under My Islamic Journey (now defunct).  Fortunately, they had classes for just ladies at Masjid Sultan and when Masjid Sultan was under-going renovations, they moved to Kaki Bukit area. Due to the different happenings in my life, it was an on and off classes for me, but I managed to complete till the Advanced class (siap ada certificate) hahahha. So when I wanted to continue back from where I left, my Ustazah mentioned that they no longer hold the classes there and that she was teaching at her home. She asked me if I was willing to travel to Bedok Reservior. Since it was near to my workplace, decided to just follow through weekly classes.

Yes, I know how to read the Al-Quran and all the hurufs but to know that there are so many hukums to a certain huruf… now that’s something. Even after going for the basic classes, and then reading the Al-Quran, I get thrown questions by my Ustazah to define which is Ikfaa, Iqlaab, Izhar, Idgham, etc! I look at my Uztazah with eyes wide open and then followed by a silly smile! How to remember all those! Seriously how to!

Just sharing some information aja on my end. Sharing is caring!

Here is a link that I find pretty useful for basics of tajweed but then again, biar berguru so the person can correct your readings. Even with my ustazah around, some words main langgar jer and she had to correct me many times! Sorry yer Ustazah! hehhehe.

Tajweed Pronounciations


I’m still learning but I guess when it come to akhirat, it’s an on-going process. Let me know if you want my Ustazah’s contact for 1-to-1 classes @ her home.


  1. yes true. akhirat is an ongoing process. i am still far from being a perfect muslim. masih banyak lagi yang i tak tahu. when my ustazah ngaji comes over to teach, she can only cover one part of tajweed for about 15 mins max cos ajar banyak sangat, confirm i tak boleh ingat by next lesson. lol. memang penting ngaji berguru cos the dengung and sebutan ada macam-macam hukum. during recitation, where to stop and when is compulsory to pause pun penting, one will never know unless belajar dengan guru ngaji (i secretly enjoy making the dengung sound when any huruf meets with huruf nun)

    ngaji on, tini!! 🙂

    1. Kannn… agree se-sangat on the dengung part! suka! hahah. Now that I am starting on the basics, when I recite a surah, I get paranoid if I am getting the pronunciation right. :p Till sometimes I open the app that has the tajweed on and recite along with the app… :p

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