You knew how much we were looking forward to it and for you to say what you said… you really hurt me. You broke my heart into a million pieces. Just because I chose to ignore, you let it affect what really mattered most. I do not know how to move past this… I really don’t anymore…



  1. is everything ok? sorry i so late to ask as i was induce on 22nd and only urgetn c section on 24th oct. till now then read ur blog and realise alot entry needed pw already. hopefully ur fine

    1. Hey Glordian,

      I hope mummy and baby are fine. Was refreshing your site to see pix of baby! 🙂 Im fine now, just some squabbles I have with the husband. But everything’s better now. Thank you.

      1. really shag. no time to update bb photo. u can add me in my fb. seach for glordian tan will do. all bb pic inside. the labour is very bad, i was filing a dispute now. i stay in kkh 7 days u noe

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