Pebble Time Steel

*blows off dusts and negativity for now*

On a happier note, Wohooo! This finally came today and I am super stoked! They launched the project a while back and was asking for pledgers to back the project up at Kickstarter. The initial roll-out was suppose to be in July but a few things got delayed. Even now,it didn’t come with the gold metal strap coz they mentioned that there were some hiccups on logistics. But nonetheless the leather strap is still fine for me. Got this charged at work and started playing around with the settings.

I am a sucker for gadgets and thank god I have a friend that is also into all these stuffs. Perhap next in the list would be a portable semi-pro camera. Not as bulky as the canon but has similar functionalities. Probably a Pentax or another Lumix!

For now, let’s get my apps synced with Pebble.


Sorry I just had to. Weeee….. #pebble #pebbletimesteel #smartwatch #colouredsmartwatch A photo posted by Hartini Ab Ghani (@ola_tini) on


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